Kenapa Kejam Sangat Seksa Gajah Macam Ni?

Negara Thailand disimbolik sebagai tanah Gajah Putih. Ini kerana sekumpulan gajah telah membantu dalam peperangan perebutan tanah jajahan negeri pada 1765. Kini haiwan menjadi salah satu tarikan pelancong ke Tanah Siam itu.

Gajah (chang) bukan saja ditunggang pelancong dan di bawa untuk bersiar-siar. Haiwan ini telah dipaksa berenang dalam sebuah kolam berkaca lutsinar.

Seperti didera

Menerusi artikel yang ditulis Kristen Wildfield, dia berasa sangat kecewa menyaksikan gajah di Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Chonburi seolah-olah didera oleh manusia. Haiwan tersebut dipaksa turun ke bawah kolam semata-mata mahu menghiburkan pengunjung yang datang.

Ini tak menghiburkanlah !

Kekejaman ini telah menarik perhatian netizen di Twitter sehingga mendapat lebih 2.4k retweet. Ramai yang meluahkan rasa terkilan dan sedih melihat penderitaan yang mungkin dialami gajah tersebut.

Serious la…

This breaks my heart

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Elephant swimming in Thai zoo sparks controversy

ELEPHANT FORCED TO PERFORM THE SWIMMING SHOW IN THAI ZOO ! An animal rights groups said the elephant was forced to perform the swimming show, while the zoo said it was getting some exercise. video showing people cheering on an elephant swimming in a water-filled glass-sided tank at a Thai zoo has angered animal rights activists, who labelled the show animal abuse.On Monday, World Animal News tweeted a video and said that an elephant in the Khao Kheow Open Zoo, southeast of Bangkok, was forced to perform a swimming show and had been hurt by a mahout.The animal protection organization condemned the zoo and urged followers to give negative reviews on the website TripAdvisor.Conditioning captive animals to perform requires physical exertion and breaks their spirit, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a US-based animal rights group.Zoo director Attaporn Sriheran said the show was exercise for the elephants as they play in the water tanks anyway, Khaosod English reported. He added there were other pools made specifically for the elephants to swim in. Visitors who watch can also learn more about animal behavior, he said.Attaporn added that no elephants were hurt by mahouts. Instead, he said elephants and mahouts take care of each other like “bread and butter.” The zoo director also condemned the animal rights group for “tarnishing Thailand’s reputation.”According to the zoo’s website, the elephant swimming show started in 2016 with two performances daily.Video Source: AFP news agency/ Source: We do not own and do not claim to own all the images and video appearing on the post of our COPAL Facebook page. The images/ videos belong to their respective owners, who may have copyright over them. The images/ videos are taken from various different sources to aware and educate people around the world. There is no commercial use of these photographs and videos by COPAL. LIKE & SHARE "COPAL":, RECOMMEND & REVIEW COPAL:

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August 25, 2018 at 10:15am Khao Kheow, Open Zoo, Chonburi. สวนสัตว์เปิดเขาเขียว Khao Kheow Open Zoo is a zoo in #Thailand. It contains more than 8000 animals from 300 species. The zoo is located in #Bangphra, which is in the Chonburi Province of #Thailand. Elephants are usually forced to swim to the bottom of the pool six times. They are ridden and prodded by a mahout witnessed pulling on the elephants ears while children hit the glass and try to get the animal’s attention and parents film them. It’s all very sad to witness!10 elephants live at the Chonburi zoo and sources say that they perform two swimming shows per day. The rest of their days are spent giving rides in the zoo’s “safari” exhibit.TripAdvisor has been promoting the zoo as well. Please tag, call and e-mail Trip Advisor HERE and tell them to stop promoting cruelty! -📞👉 781.800.5000 United States, Canada, North America:👉uspr@tripadvisor.comUnited Kingdom, Ireland, EMEA:👉, Asia Pacific:👉apacpr@tripadvisor.comCall the #KhaoKheowOpenZoo and tell them to stop abusing elephants 📞👉0116638318444 E-mail:👉 -Post from: #respectanimalrights Information from: 🌍👉#worldanimalnews #peace4animals

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